Public Safety and Security

TrueScent® K-9 Training Aids

From airports to concert venues and beyond, explosive-detecting K9s and their handlers place themselves in harm’s way in order to keep the public safe. In coordination with K9 handling trainers and experts, Signature Science chemists developed TrueScent, a series of HME training aids in support of these public servants. TrueScent aids contain real explosives, yet are safe to handle, transport, and store without special equipment.

Photo of a handler and his bomb-sniffing dog checking a row of paper bags. A TrueScent: K-9 Training Aids logo overlays the photo.
A screen snapshot of the home page for the TrueScent: K-9 Training Aids website.
Photo of Steve Kaun.

Steve Kaun
Explosives K-9 Consultant

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