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Fentanyl Detection Solutions

FentAlert™ is a sample screening tool for fentanyl pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs). It requires no additional components, solutions, or processing steps. This intuitive, easy-to-use, durable, pocket-sized tool can be used when wearing any level of PPE.

Retail Price: $99.95 for 6 Devices

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FentAlert™ Feature Highlights

  • Easy to Store: Pocket-sized device contains entire test
  • Simple to Use: No manipulation of swabs or test tubes while wearing PPE
  • Clear Results: One line = positive; two lines = negative
  • Fast: Result in 3 minutes or less
  • Sensitive: Detection limit of 100–200 ng for pure fentanyl samples, and 100–500 ng for mixtures containing fentanyl

Testing a Suspected Sample

To test a suspected sample, the operator twists open the tube containing the sampling swab and dabs the swab in the suspected sample. The operator then returns the sampling swab into the cap and twists the tube closed. After closing, the buffer solution travels through the swab, dissolves the sample, and carries it to the assay strip. The results are visible through the clear tube within one to three minutes. The presence or absence of fentanyl derivatives is displayed in one or two pink lines, respectively, on the test strip. This single-use, self-contained assay is designed to be leak proof and to safely contain the potentially hazardous sample inside the device after collection. FentAlert™ has an expiration of one year from the date of manufacture.

Instructions for the use of FentAlert as follows:

1. Twist counter-clockwise to expose swab

2. Use swab tip to sample

3. Reinsert and twist clockwise until reservoir is punctured

4. Keep device horizontal for 1–3 minutes as result displays on Test Strip

5. Interpret results: two stripes (a thick and a thin) means negative, one thick stripe means positive, and one thin stripe means invalid.

Physical Features

Dimensions13 cm tube
Weight10.75 grams
OperabilityFully operable in all levels of PPE

Sampling & Analysis

Sample IntroductionSampling with chisel tip swab; Analyze in sealed reservoir
Sample TypeSolid, liquid
Analysis TimePositive or Negative results in 1–3 minutes

Retail Unit Price: $99.95 for 6 Devices

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Alan Smith
FentAlert™ Product Manager

For more information about FentAlert™:

NOTE: This test (assay) provides only a preliminary qualitative result. Use a certified laboratory to confirm your results. Do not use this test for any products for human consumption. FentAlert™ is not FDA approved nor is it to be used to test human specimens. No clinical claims are made that FentAlert™ can mitigate or prevent disease. FentAlert™ is not to be used as a Drugs of Abuse Tests for human samples. The product is intended for use only by Governmental agencies engaged in field operations to determine whether a suspect material represents a hazard. FentAlert™ may only be possessed and used in accordance with state laws, as applicable.