Universal RNA sequencing: Workflow validation

Validation of an unbiased metagenomic detection assay for RNA viruses in viral transport media and plasma: Preprint Available

Abstract: Unbiased long read sequencing holds enormous potential for the detection of pathogen sequences in clinical samples. However, the untargeted nature of these methods precludes conventional PCR approaches, and the metagenomic content of each sample increases the challenge of bioinformatic analysis. Here, we evaluate a previously described novel workflow for unbiased RNA virus sequence identification in a series of contrived and real-world samples. The novel multiplex library preparation workflow was developed for the Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) MinIONTM sequencer using reverse transcription, whole genome amplification, and ONT’s Ligation Sequencing Kit with Native Barcode Expansion. The workflow includes spiked MS2 Phage as an … MORE

universal RNA sequencing: Workflow Development

Unbiased metagenomic detection of RNA viruses for rapid identification of viral pathogens in clinical samples: Preprint Available

Abstract: Unbiased long read sequencing approaches for clinical metagenomic sample analysis holds enormous potential for pathogen detection, including improved detection of unknown, novel or emerging viruses. However, the rapid rate of development in nanopore sequencing and library preparation methods complicates the … MORE

green blue and red virus

Published in Applied Biosafety: Annotation of Functions of Sequences of Concern and Its Relevance to the New Biosecurity Regulatory Framework in the United States

Abstract: Introduction: Recent regulations from United States Government agencies reshape the screening of synthetic nucleic acids. These take a step away from categorizing hazard on the basis of “bad” taxa and invoke the function of the sequence in pathogenesis or intoxication. … MORE

aerosol cloud in pnk purple and blue. new IARPA Chemical Program Underway - Picard

IARPA Announces PICARD Program Kickoff

February 23, 2024 • An article posted to Intelligence Community News detailed the announcement from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) of the Pursuing Intelligent Complex Aerosols for Rapid Detection (PICARD) Project kickoff, which took place on February 21, 2024. Signature Science … MORE

Inaugural CAG Symposium Fosters Deeper Understanding of Key FIGG Topics

Roundtable discussions offered small groups the opportunity to discuss their challenges in the space of FIGG and offer solutions In recent years, Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) has become a primary focus of large forensic conferences as laboratories explore the adoption of the associated technologies and workflows, law enforcement officials eagerly apply investigative leads to cold and active cases, and legal experts work to defend investigative leads generated using FIGG in court to get convictions.   Signature Science researchers, led by Senior Genomics Research Scientist Erin Gorden from the Center for Advanced Genomics (CAG), initiated the development of a focused, technical exchange … MORE

biomade team paper published

Published in Science “Trends in Biotechnology”: Shaping the future US bioeconomy through safety, security, sustainability, and social responsibility

Abstract Biomanufacturing practitioners and researchers describe the norms that should govern the growing, global field, to include safety, security, sustainability, and social responsibility. These ‘4S Principles’ should be broadly adopted so that the future of the field may provide the greatest benefits … MORE

HORIZON Newsletter – January 2024

If your February plans take you to Denver for the 2024 AAFS Annual Conference, you’ll find many ways to engage with CAG Analysts: Find us in the exhibit hall. We are participating in the Passport to Prizes, so be sure to … MORE

Dr. Joe McDonough Joins Signature Science’s Managers Committee

McDonough serves as Vice President of Southwest Research Institute’s Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division AUSTIN, TEXAS — November 16, 2023 – Signature Science, LLC is pleased to announce the election of Dr. Joe McDonough to its Managers Committee. In 2022, Dr. … MORE

Signature Science Brings Bioscience Expertise to Amentum on Newly Awarded DTRA Project to Strengthen and Maintain Partner Nation-Owned Laboratories in Africa

SigSci will develop and execute training plans and provide laboratory quality assurance support. AUSTIN, TEXAS – October 17, 2023 – Globalization fosters connection and progress across national boundaries. However, as demonstrated by health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic and 2014 Ebola … MORE

HORIZON Newsletter – October 2023

As forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG) becomes widely used in forensic investigations, labs need practical insight on implementing this powerful technique. The CAGS brings scientists, academics, and legal experts together to share their perspectives in a focused event designed for … MORE

seqscreen nana. Hand holding small gray device

Published in ACM Digital Library: SeqScreen-Nano: a computational platform for streaming, in-field characterization of microbial pathogens

Abstract The COVID-19 pandemic forever underscored the need for bio-surveillance platforms capable of rapidly detecting emerging pathogens. Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT) couples long-read sequencing with in-field capability, opening the door to real-time, in-field biosurveillance. Though a promising technology, streaming assignment of … MORE

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