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Signature Science Team Authors Paper Published in “BMC Infectious Diseases”

Title: Simulating Transmission of ESKAPE Pathogens Plus C. difficile in Relevant Clinical Scenarios ABSTRACT BackgroundThe prevalence of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) and rising levels of antimicrobial resistance places significant economic and public health burdens on modern healthcare systems. A group of highly drug resistant pathogens known as the ESKAPE pathogens, along with C. difficile, are... MORE
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Next Generation Sequencing to Detect Environmental Stress

Dr. Krista Ternus presented her research at the National Environmental Monitoring Conference held August 5-9, 2019. The presentation slides are available here. Abstract: Next generation sequencing (NGS) has the potential to detect changes within microbial communities in response to specific types of stress. However, the majority of species within complex... MORE
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Validating Metagenomic Analyses Through Simulated Direct and Indirect Healthcare-Related Pathogen Transmission Events

Abstract: The prevalence of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) places a significant economic burden on modern healthcare systems. Cultures are typically used to diagnose HAI; however, culture-dependent methods provide only limited presence/absence information and are not applicable to all pathogens. Next generation sequencing (NGS) has the potential to detect a wide variety... MORE
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SigSci’s Austin TX DNA Forensics Laboratory Participated in an Interlab Study of STRmix™ Probabilistic Genotyping...

Title: STRmix™ collaborative exercise on DNA mixture interpretation Summary: An intra- and inter-laboratory study using the probabilistic genotyping (PG) software STRmix™ is reported. Two complex mixtures from the PROVEDIt set, analysed on an Applied Biosystems™ 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer, were selected. 174 participants responded. For Sample 1 (low template, in the... MORE
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Paper Authored by SigSci Scientists Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal “Analytical Chemistry”

Title: A Systematic Method for the Targeted Discovery of Chemical Attribution Signatures – Application to Isopropyl Bicyclophosphate Production Abstract: Potential attribution signatures for the synthesis of a highly toxic bicyclophosphate, 4-isopropyl-2,6,7-trioxa-1-phosphabicyclo[2.2.2]octane 1-oxide (Isopropyl Bicyclophosphate or IPBCP) were discovered using a trilateral synthetic, analytical, and statistical approach. Initially, five synthetic routes were... MORE