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We serve government and commercial clients through a wide array of technical offerings that combine scientific rigor with proven quality assurance. Our expertise enhances the credibility and defensibility of government programs that provide for National Security, Public Safety and Security, and Health Security.

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We Solve Problems Using Applied Science and Technology

Across many disciplines, our project teams are addressing some of the toughest challenges facing our local communities, our nation, and our world.

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Signature Science employees benefit from a compelling work environment and corporate culture that are shaped by our pursuit of scientific innovation and service to our clients’ vital missions.

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We bring together the brightest minds from across the scientific disciplines to apply high-quality analysis and technical skills to meet new and developing challenges. Check our current openings to see where you fit.


Here’s what’s happening at Signature Science lately.

Universal RNA sequencing: Workflow validation

Validation of an unbiased metagenomic detection assay for RNA viruses in viral transport media and plasma: Preprint Available

Abstract: Unbiased long read sequencing holds enormous potential for the detection of pathogen sequences in clinical samples. However, the untargeted nature of these methods precludes conventional PCR approaches, and the metagenomic content of each sample increases the challenge of bioinformatic analysis. … MORE

universal RNA sequencing: Workflow Development

Unbiased metagenomic detection of RNA viruses for rapid identification of viral pathogens in clinical samples: Preprint Available

Abstract: Unbiased long read sequencing approaches for clinical metagenomic sample analysis holds enormous potential for pathogen detection, including improved detection of unknown, novel or emerging viruses. However, the rapid rate of development in nanopore sequencing and library preparation methods complicates the … MORE

green blue and red virus

Published in Applied Biosafety: Annotation of Functions of Sequences of Concern and Its Relevance to the New Biosecurity Regulatory Framework in the United States

Abstract: Introduction: Recent regulations from United States Government agencies reshape the screening of synthetic nucleic acids. These take a step away from categorizing hazard on the basis of “bad” taxa and invoke the function of the sequence in pathogenesis or intoxication. … MORE

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