SigSci’s Patented Low SWaP Sampling Technologies Enable Previously “Out of Reach” Collection Scenarios

Kirby Kendall, PhD
Senior Scientist

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The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) sponsored the Molecular Analyzer for Efficient Gas-Phase Low-Power Interrogation (MAEGLIN) Program which, in part, funded the development of novel low-SWaP, high-endurance sampling systems. Signature Science’s engineering team, as a performer on the program, developed and delivered a universal pre-concentrator capable of providing >1,000-fold enrichment boluses to any portable air sensor/detector at extremely low power budget.

A Novel Approach 

Signature Science’s Chemical Amplifier (CHAMP) combines the advantages of conventional sorbent tubes with an engineered sorbent support by: (1) Mounting micron-sized sorbent onto a coiled, flat wire – a low pressure drop during air sampling is achieved with greatly reduced power consumption; (2) Coating the flat wire with time-tested hydrophobic sorbents, lowers operational risk. Since the coil is a single, long flat wire, it can be resistively heated, reaching an even, consistent desorption temperature in seconds with a relatively small power expenditure.

Signature Science’ Chemical Amplifier (CHAMP)

CHAMP offers 1) low power consumption during both collection and thermal desorption; 2) large analyte enrichment factor (>1000x) enabling high sensitivity for greater likelihood of detection; 3) tuneable bolus size to match analytical inputs; and 4) hydrophobic coil sorbents, insensitive to poisoning by low volatility vapors.

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