CHEMERA® Meets the Challenge of Detecting Next Generation Chemical Threats — Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

Danielle Dickinson PhD
Director, Systems Design & Integration

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Chemical defense professionals can achieve laboratory-grade field identification with unmatched sensitivity, selectivity and
speed with CHEMERA®.

  • Analyzes solid, liquid, or vapor samples
  • Returns clear “detect/no detect” in just 60 seconds
  • No need for carrier gasses or columns
  • Single format sample media
  • Operable in full PPE or MOPP gear
  • Ruggedized to perform in the field environment (humidity, salt, dust, sand, and water)
  • Low maintenance burden
  • Capable of high sensitivity with low false alarm rates

System Overview

TechnologyRuggedized, Fieldable Chemical Identifier based on Quadrupole Ion Trap – Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (QIT-TOF MS) and
novel identification algorithms
ThreatsDetects and Identifies Chemical Warfare Agents, Non-Traditional Agents, Explosives, Narcotics, Pharmaceuticals


Operating Temp & Humidity0°C to 45°C; 5 to 95%
Storage Temperature-20°C to 52°C

Physical Features

Dimensions31.4″ x 24″ x 19″
Weight42kg (47kg with Batteries)
PowerAC Power or Rechargeable DoD Inventory Batteries
Cold Start Time<30m at 25°C; <1hr at 0°C
Input VoltageStandard 120 V
Probability of Identification98%
Limit of Identification100 Picograms

Sampling & Analysis

Sample IntroductionSample Trap (for surface swabs, solids and/or liquid); Vapor Trap
(for vapor collection using separate, handheld Vapor Collector)
Sample PhaseSolid, liquid, vapor
Analysis TimeFull identification in less than 60 seconds

System Interface

CommunicationUSB, Ethernet
Data Storage256 GB
Training RequirementsOperator and Field Maintainer <16hrs
User InterfaceRuggedized, 10.4” touchscreen monitor for system operation and display of real-time results and alarms. Audible buzzer (80 dB) for alarms.


ConsumablesOperational Check Traps and Sample Traps
Carrier GasNone required
DetectorQuadrupole Ion Trap – Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer
Ionization Type & SourcePhotoionization
Mass Range & Scan Ratem/z 40 – 700
NQA and ANAB Accredited logos and the text “Signature Science’s quality management system for CHEMERA is ISO 9001:2015 certified by NQA.”

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