Unlocking New Possibilities for Spent Shell Casings.

Leslie Parke, PMP, CQA
Director, Forensic DNA Laboratory

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With improvements in DNA analysis techniques, shell casings have become potential keys to unlocking the DNA profile of a criminal.  Case investigators are achieving unprecedented success rates when using Signature Science’s FRISC™ method to recover DNA from spent shell casings. 

Our innovative approach maximizes DNA recovery in both yield and quality, mitigates the risk of gunshot residue contamination, and minimizes the physical impact on the shell casing for downstream ballistics testing. While not all fired shell casings will have detectable amounts of DNA, when there is sufficient quantity, FRISC™ provides a high success rate for DNA testing.

What is FRISC™?

Our optimized DNA extraction process recovers DNA present on shell casings while ensuring investigators damage-free handling of their samples. Our analysts carefully apply a special seal to the open end of each shell casing to prevent gunpowder residue from contaminating the DNA recovery process and then apply proprietary buffers to extract the DNA. We expedite your shell casings’ return after DNA extraction is completed to get the samples back in your hands for next steps in testing. If, after extraction, sufficient quantity of DNA is not present, SigSci will communicate this outcome to you and recommend stopping the process prior to DNA analysis (“stop at quant”).

Does the evidence in your active investigation include spent shell casings?

Are you looking for an investigative lead? Let us FRISC™ your shells for DNA. The process is simple.  Contact our team of forensic analysts for an initial consultation and quote. Then complete a Case Submission Form and ship your evidence via any traceable courier (e.g., FedEx, UPS).  We’ll keep you informed at every stage.

How long does FRISC™ analysis take?

Our standard turnaround time is 60 days from sample receipt; however, we can expedite your evidence analysis.

Does FRISC™ really work?

Higher sample counts yield greater probability of success, and where multiple samples from a case are processed, probative profiles have been generated in ~66% of cases using FRISC. With increased success levels, FRISC™ can be your first resort for evidence exploitation.

How much does FRISC™ cost per shell casing?

FRISC™ is competitively priced.  And while our process is designed to maximize DNA recovery, should a situation occur where DNA is not found, Signature Science has built in a “stop at quant” step within the early stages of analysis.  Our forensic team will notify you of the results, return your shell casings and your price is reduced accordingly. Volume discount pricing is available.

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