Horizon: Validating Verogen’s ForenSeq® Kintelligence FGG Workflow

Horizon Newsletter banner. Photo of skull lying in dead leaves with an evidence marker. Text reads "Validating Verogen's ForenSeq® Kintelligence FGG Workflow."

The Center for Advanced Genomics is validating the Verogen ForenSeq® Kintelligence workflow for the NDIS-approved MiSeq FGx® Sequencing System, targeting a fall 2021 offering to clients. ForenSeq Kintelligence is a new integrated forensic genetic genealogy (FGG) solution targeting forensically relevant markers along with ancestry, identity, and phenotype markers to estimate kinship.

The workflow is optimized for degraded and low-input DNA samples from a range of sample types including blood, bone, buccal swabs, hair, teeth, and semen.

We want to enable investigation of samples that so far have not been considered eligible for FGG.

Christina Neal, CAG Research Team Lead

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