DNA Forensics

DNA Casework Services

SigSci performs human DNA casework under an accreditation from ANAB: 

  • Extraction and quantification of DNA 

    • Investigator 24Plex

    • GlobalFiler®

    • Yfiler® Plus

  • Probabilistic genotyping with STRMix™

  • Body fluid identification & evidence screening

  • Male screening and stop-at-quant testing

  • Expert witness testimony & consultations

  • Case & data review

For more information, visit sigsciforensics.com or contact Leslie Parke.

Applied Research & Development

SigSci provides technical solutions to the grand challenges of human identity forensics, including applied research, development and validation of methods to address complex mixtures, low copy/low template, degraded samples and more. For more information, contact Curt Hewitt, Ph.D.

Expeditionary hDNA Services

SigSci is a premier provider of global forensic services, requiring sustained, turn-key forensic collection, analysis, testing, and reporting capabilities from multiple laboratory locations. For more information, contact Sara Szmania.