CHEMERA®: A New Era in Chemical Detection

Published January 30th, 2020 by Renee


CHEMERA from Signature Science delivers unmatched sensitivity, selectivity, and speed using Rapiscan’s compact, field portable Quadrupole Ion Trap Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer (Qit-ToF MS) technology coupled with novel machine learning based algorithms. 

Extensive testing shows that: 

  • CHEMERA achieves ultra-low detection and high-confidence identification — even for “dirty” or chemically complex samples.
  • CHEMERA can analyze solid, liquid, or vapor samples in rapid succession — just 90 seconds per sample.
  • CHEMERA returns clear “detect/no detect” results and displays detailed spectra information when needed.
  • CHEMERA eliminates the need for costly, logistically burdensome carrier gasses and columns and is the ideal technology to achieve laboratory-grade field confirmation, enabling real-time decision making when and where it matters.

CHEMERA Eliminates Capability Gaps in Chemical Detection
  • Ruggedized to survive the field environment (humidity, salt, dust, sand, and water) without impacting detection performance.
  • Designed to minimize complexity and maintenance burden (no tools required) for the user and reduce sustainment costs.
  • Capable of high sensitivity with low false alarm rates, high sample throughput, and unparalleled resolution and accuracy that enables expanded threat coverage.

CHEMERA: Field-Portable, Multi-Modal, and Based on Advanced Algorithms
  • Field-portable QiT-ToF MS with low-logistics atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI) front-end.
  • Multi-modal sampling capability for solids, liquids and vapors; including a hand-held vapor collector with low-cost sampling media. Operable in all PPE levels. Single format sample media reduces training burden.
  • Robust advanced algorithms, existing spectral datasets and DOE-informed testing strategies.



31” x 24” x 17”


40 kg


Fixed or Hot Swappable Batteries

Probability of Identification


Limit of Detection

100 Picograms

Time to Result

90 Seconds

Operational Availability


Sample Cost

$1.50 per Sample

Chemical Libraries

Chemical Warfare Agents, Non-Traditional Agents, Explosives, Narcotics, Pharmaceuticals


CONTACT: Danielle Dickinson, Director, System Design & Integration

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