Signature Science’s FRISC Service Enables DNA recovery from Spent Shell Casings

Published October 4th, 2019 by Renee

Traditionally, DNA analysis of spent shell casings has been such a low-yield process that some in law enforcement don’t even attempt it.

It’s time to change that thinking.

Signature Science’s applied research team has developed and validated a new, optimized extraction process that results in greater levels of DNA typing success. The FRISC (Forensic Recovery of Identification from Shell Casings), process is designed to work hand-in-glove with the National Integrated Ballistics Imaging Network (NIBIN). Signature Science’s ANAB-accredited Forensic DNA Laboratory routinely returns a spent shell casing to clients within one day of testing to facilitate prompt processing by ballistics examiners.

If DNA on a spent shell casing might be the key to your case, contact Signature Science for more information about FRISC.

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