HORIZON Newsletter July 2021

Published July 15th, 2021 by Lauren Bejzak

“We want to enable investigation of samples that so far have not been considered eligible for FGG.”

– Christina Neal, CAG research team lead

The Center for Advanced Genomics is validating the Verogen ForenSeq® Kintelligence workflow for the NDIS-approved MiSeq FGx® Sequencing System, targeting a fall 2021 offering to clients. ForenSeq Kintelligence is a new integrated forensic genetic genealogy (FGG) solution targeting forensically relevant markers along with ancestry, identity, and phenotype markers to estimate kinship.

The workflow is optimized for degraded and low-input DNA samples from a range of sample types including blood, bone, buccal swabs, hair, teeth, and semen.

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