National Security

Universal Biothreat Detection

Current tactical biological surveillance systems are effective in identifying select Biological Warfare Agents (BWAs) but cannot identify unknown, emerging, or engineered biothreats. As such, their utility in field forward environments is limited, leaving operators at risk of exposure to potential BWAs.

To address the capability gap, Signature Science develops universal biothreat detection solutions which feature our RNA and DNA sample preparation workflows used in conjunction with portable genomic sequencing hardware. Our solutions provide operators capability for the collection, preparation, analysis, and threat reporting for simple or complex samples in field and austere environments, while reducing sample-to-analysis times to mere minutes. For threat reporting, Signature Science applies the power of SeqScreen-Nano, a bioinformatics tool which enables operators to obtain mission-critical answers – taxonomic identification and functional threat assessments for known and emerging pathogens or engineered biothreats – in real-time.

Anthony Kappell, PhD
Molecular Biologist

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