Training and Exercises

Mission Rehearsal

SigSci develops and performs mission rehearsal training and exercises precisely tailored to client objectives. Our subject matter experts prepare clients to respond to known threats and be agile enough to overcome unexpected contingencies. Exercises are designed to test and demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities under realistic mission conditions. For more information, contact Jeff Prough.


Technical training in the science and collection of full spectrum CBRNE threats conducted in traditional and non-traditional settings prepare the client to successfully sample, analyze, exploit, and survive. Training with current threat information and realistic scenarios adds value to organizations responding to local, national and global events. For more information, contact Elie Zussman.

Sensitive Site Exploitation/Technical Collection

The convergence of scientific and tactical disciplines within Signature Science separates us from other prospective sources and increases sophistication, relevance, and safety to DOA, CWA, BWA, and HME training.  For more information, contact Jeff Prough.


SigSci creates contextually-relevant training solutions for U.S. Government officials, U.S. military, security practitioners, corporate executives, and law enforcement personnel. SigOps' curricula are client-specific, contemporary, and based on current threat analysis. Offerings are highly-experiential, ranging from intense skills practice to mission rehearsals with realistic operational scenarios. For more information, contact Jeff Prough.