CBRNE Laboratory Services


Analytical Chemistry
SigSci’s offerings include signature discovery applied to chemical threat agents, emerging threats, and homemade explosives; gas analysis (TD-GC-MS) and development of sampling technology; and method development, verification, and validation (e.g. LC-(UV)-MS/MS; GC-MS; Targeted and untargeted method; confirm syntheses of products). For more information, contact Myles Gardner, Ph.D.
Synthetic Chemistry
SigSci’s synthetic products include emerging threats, including degradants/precursors; biomarkers and metabolites; designer drugs; narcotics; explosives; fentanyl derivatives; dyes; and antibiotics. For more information, contact Stephen Straight, Ph.D.
Chemical Data Analysis
SigSci offers expertise in chemometrics, proteomics (e.g., peptide identification, protein detection/identification), and predictive modeling (e.g., chemical data mining, signature discovery from untargeted analyses, signature identification, attribution of signatures to sample metadata). For more information, contact Myles Gardner, Ph.D.
SigSci’s explosives experts offer services in synthesis (e.g., laboratory-grade vs. OTC materials, rogue/homemade methods, and signature discovery); characterization (e.g., impact and friction testing, electrostatic discharge, small-scale blasting); and collection and analysis (e.g., collection tools, routine chemical analyses). For more information, contact Stephen Straight, Ph.D.
Chemical Threat Agents
SigSci’s experts offer experience with incapacitants, bicyclophosphates, bicyclocarboxylates, TETS, and binary components of chemical weapons. For more information, contact Stephen Straight, Ph.D.
Biomarker Discovery
SigSci offers expertise in signatures of exposure to threat materials; small molecule metabolites; peptide/protein adducts; and exogenous and endogenous biomarkers. For more information, contact Myles Gardner, Ph.D.


SigSci provides T&E services for sensor and instrument (spectroscopic, IMS-based, MS-based, colorimetric, handheld to bench-top) developers; build instrument signature libraries for drugs, chemical threat agents and explosives; and offer third-party testing. For more information, contact Stephen Straight, Ph.D.


Our expertise in biological detection systems and extensive knowledge of the collection, isolation, production, extraction, detection and characterization of biological threat agents supports first responders, regulatory agencies, law enforcement and members of the DoD and DHS in the improvement of collection procedures, sample processing and analysis methods and interpretation and reporting of data. For more information, contact Curt Hewitt, Ph.D.


Accreditation Support

SigSci has more than 20 years of experience establishing, operating, and maintaining quality assurance (QA) programs for CBRNE sampling and analysis programs, and more than a dozen years of experience prior to that developing and implementing QA programs for environmental protection applications. Our comprehensive QA solutions are scientifically rigorous, statistically defensible, and conform to nationally-recognized quality standards. For more information, contact Molly Isbell, Ph.D.

HazMat Proficiency Testing Program

The Signature Science HazMatPT program provides HazMat-oriented test panels distributed quarterly. It is the perfect way for first responders to maintain and demonstrate analytical testing and assessment competency in the face of continually evolving threats. Samples include explosive precursors, white powders, illicit drug-related chemicals, pesticides, poisons, pharmaceuticals, and more. Participants who complete and pass all HazMatPT panels in a calendar year will receive a certificate of recognition and commendation.  More Information.

Custom Proficiency Testing Programs

SigSci is an ISO/IEC 17043:2010 (ISO 17043) accredited proficiency test (PT) provider for environmental matrices on various collection media, and in samples of powders, liquids, soils, sludges, swabs/swipes and vegetation covering Chemical Warfare Agent-related chemicals, Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Toxic Industrial Materials, Explosives, Biological Pathogens, and Select Toxins. 
SigSci tailors PT schemes that are designed to provide performance data for specific tests, taking into account test method sensitivity and specificity, as well as variables such as sample matrix and preparation method. More Information.


Providing multi-disciplinary data gathering, modeling, automated scenarios-based stochastic risk calculations, and interpretation for highly complex risk and benefits assessments. For more information, contact Molly Isbell, Ph.D.