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CBRNE First Responder Training
Our Approach
sigsci_contact_sszmania.pngSignature Science provides training to first responders on chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) awareness, planning, and response. Each training session covers the fundamentals of responding to CBRNE agents and weapons and provides the basic knowledge and protocol needed to recognize and respond to a chemical or biological terrorism threat. The training program consists of a combination of classroom sessions and practical exercises designed to reinforce the concepts covered during the classroom sessions.

Our Staff
We have several subject matter experts that provide valuable input into the development and execution of the training programs. Each training subject is taught by an expert in that field with a genuine interest in presenting the most current, valuable information about that topic.  
Specialized Equipment/Facilities
We maintain a training lab and lecture room dedicated to CBRNE training at our headquarters in Austin, TX. This lab/lecture room can be used for general CBRNE training as well as specialized instrument training. Additionally, we maintain an inventory of equipment that can be shipped to a client-specified location to accommodate training at various locations around the nation. 
Current and Past Experience Customer Listing
Signature Science has recent and ongoing experience conducting first responder training programs for the Department of Defense, Civil Support Teams, Department of Justice, public safety organizations, and related agencies.