Our leadership team has diverse experience and expertise in intelligence, engineering, science and management. 

William M. Thompson - President & CEO

Mr. Thompson joined Signature Science as Vice President for Washington, D.C. Operations in 2006, following a career spanning 22 years with the US Department of Defense. In October 2014, he assumed the position of President & CEO, in which capacity he leads all aspects of the company’s operations towards the achievement of the company’s growth goals and business maturation objectives.  He oversees the company’s technical business area directors and the business development and administrative leadership. While in government service, Mr. Thompson was elevated into the Senior Executive Service (SES) in 1998, wherein he led operational and technical global organizations in excess of 1500 persons and with annual budgets greater than $200M. Mr. Thompson was recognized throughout his career with numerous service medals and awards, culminating in the achievement of Presidential Rank as a member of the SES.
Michael A. Regester - Vice President, Administration

Mr. Regester oversees the administrative staff at Signature Science and is also responsible for coordinating all corporate finance, budget, accounting, legal, and related matters of the Company. Mr. Regester is an Aerospace Engineer with a diverse experience supporting defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and/or homeland security missions at Signature Science and at Radian Corporation. He has successfully managed long-term, multi-million dollar contracts for a number of U.S. Government clients. His technical experience includes engineering, science, mathematical modeling, training, software development, and quality assurance.
Brian J. Schimmoller - Vice President, Washington, D.C. Operations

Mr. Schimmoller is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Signature Science. In this role, Mr. Schimmoller is responsible for planning and execution of the Company's business development funnel, from opportunity identification and capture strategy through to contract award. Located in Arlington, Virginia, Mr. Schimmoller also leads the firm's Washington DC operations, maintaining cognizance of projects and staff in the National Capital Region. Prior to taking on these roles, Mr. Schimmoller served as a Principal Scientist and Program Manager, having led technical projects in the areas of Measurement and Signature Intelligence and Sensitive Site Exploitation. 
Joe Chipuk, Ph.D. - Director, Atlantic City Operations

Dr. Chipuk is responsible for the company’s Atlantic City, New Jersey operations and provides direction and technical support for active programs. He has led projects concerning chemical signature discovery; trace-level detection of explosive materials; design, development, testing and implementation of field portable sensors and detectors for explosives and chemical threats; and design, development, and testing of sampling systems for explosives and other hazardous materials. Dr. Chipuk routinely serves as a lead instructor for training courses concerning all aspects of chemical weapons, energetic materials, and emerging threats.
Molly Isbell, Ph.D. - Director, Quality Assurance and Data Sciences

Dr. Isbell is responsible for the operation of Quality Assurance and Data Sciences, providing management oversight of resources, project execution, and financials. She has more than 20 years of experience in applying both technical and management support to analytical QA applications. Beginning in 2003, Dr. Isbell has played a key leadership role in the development of QA programs and systems for U.S. government CBRNE sampling and analysis programs. Dr. Isbell also provides senior-level input and statistical analysis support for field and laboratory testing and validation efforts, proficiency tests, risk assessments, site investigations, background studies, monitoring plans, health effects studies, and laboratory experimental designs. 
LTC Jeff Prough, USA, Ret. - Director, CBRNE Operations and Training
Mr. Prough is a senior operations manager and director of CBRNE Operations and Training, providing project management oversight of resources, project execution, and financials. He is a former U.S. Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel with over 30 years of global experience having served in one of America’s most elite military organizations. Mr. Prough is a subject matter expert focusing primarily on counter-WMD, counter-proliferation, counterterrorism and other transnational issues of interest to national, defense intelligence or special operations entities. Mr. Prough is also a senior expert for CBRNE/counter-proliferation collection operations with proven ability to translate customer needs into operational requirements.
Michael Re, Ph.D. - Director, CBRNE Sciences

Dr. Re is responsible for the operation of Chemical Sciences, providing management oversight of resources, project execution, and financials. In support of programs related to national defense and homeland security, he provides technical consulting, project support, and expert advice in the development of trace standards and methodologies for explosives detection, technical training, quality systems for laboratories, and chemical signatures detection and identification. Prior to joining SigSci, Dr. Re was President at Cerilliant, where he directed organic and analytical chemists in the development of analytical reference materials for the environmental, forensic, and pharmaceutical testing industries.
Sara Szmania, MBA - Director, Charlottesville Operations

Ms. Szmania is responsible for the company’s Charlottesville, Virginia operations and provides direction and technical support for active MASINT programs. Throughout her career, Ms. Szmania has managed and contributed to efforts awarded by federal government clients which integrate technical, operational, programmatic, and policy aspects of national security issues. Her strengths include strategic planning, risk mitigation, outcome analysis, financial management, process optimization, and managing change.

Board of Directors

Adam L. Hamilton, P.E., Chairman
President and Chief Executive Officer, Southwest Research Institute®

J. Dan Bates
President (Retired), Southwest Research Institute®

Walter D. Downing, P.E.
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Southwest Research Institute®

William M. Thompson
President and Chief Executive Officer, Signature Science, LLC

Earl Maxwell
Chief Executive Officer, St. David's Community Health Foundation

Wesley C. Patrick, Ph.D. 
Executive Director, CNWRA, Southwest Research Institute®