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TrueSurface™ Standardized Surface Materials
Signature Science has developed TrueSurface™, a set of standardized surface materials, in which poisons and CW-related analytes are deposited onto four surface types (ceramic tile, concrete, drywall, and glass). TrueSurface can be used for a variety of applications, including sampling and analysis studies, imaging studies, surface analysis, chemical forensics, fate and transport studies, and sampler/sensor development. contact__truesurface.png

TrueSurface materials are manufactured and quality tested in a controlled environment following strict standard operating procedures. 10 analytes are deposited onto standardized surface materials (i.e., concrete, drywall, ceramic tile, glass) at known concentrations using a controlled aerosol deposition process. Deposited analytes include:
  • Atropine
  • Diisopropyl methylphosphonate
  • Dimethyl methylphosphonate
  • Dipinacolyl methylphosphonate
  • Ethyl methylphosphonic acid
  • Isopropyl methylphosphonic acid
  • Methylphosphonic acid
  • Nicotine
  • Parathion
  • Thiodiglycol 
TrueSurface materials are packaged as a group of four surfaces of the same type. Surface blanks (unspiked standard surfaces) and verified check standard solutions are also available. Each pack of surfaces is delivered with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) detailing the spiked concentration and expected recovery of each analyte, and an experimentally determined expiration date. Custom packaging ensures TrueSurface materials will be delivered intact and free of cross-contamination.