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Genomic Epidemiology - PathTrack™

What is PathTrack?sigsci_contact_minot.png

PathTrack can identify the source of infections acquired during a patient’s hospital stay. It does so by determining whether an infection originated outside of the healthcare setting or from within due to transmission from another patient. PathTrack traces the spread and origin of any organism using genomics with a much higher degree of accuracy than comparable technologies including Multi-Locus Sequence Typing and Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis. It shows precise patient-to-patient transmissions at a comparable cost with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

What can PathTrack Do?

Traditional epidemiological analysis can only provide clues to the spread of disease based on contact between patients or locations. PathTrack presents a detailed ‘family tree’ (phylogeny) of each pathogen providing a detailed progression of the spread of the outbreak. 


The CDC estimates that roughly 100,000 people die each year of hospital acquired infections. Several factors are working together to increase the human toll of these infections even further including:

  • The rise in the number of multi-drug resistant pathogens
  • Dwindling therapeutic development pipeline
  • Aggressive healthcare delivery cost saving measures
  • Increased patient access

The incredible detail of understanding provided by PathTrack is an invaluable method to combat these factors and provide a safer healthcare system and a better patient experience.

What is the Process?
You collect the samples, Signature Science does the rest! Clinical samples can be submitted in a variety of formats and results are obtained in as little as one week. Our trained biologists and bioinformaticians take the samples through the following steps to get you the answers you need.

  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Genomic epidemiology analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting

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