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Tactical/Expeditionary Training
sigsci-contact-chapman_1.pngServing as a complement to our scientific and technical offerings, Signature Operations offers expeditionary and tactical training to widely diverse organizations and individuals whose missions involve protecting our nation’s freedoms whether at home or abroad.

Our Approach
We combine principle-based learning and performance-driven application to provide each student a rock-solid set of skills best suited for meeting mission demands and changing situations. The advantages to principle-based learning are many; essentially, techniques may change, but principles remain the same. Performance drives everything and meeting goals is critical. We understand the importance of our training and are intimately familiar with the life and death consequences for failed instruction or curriculum.

We take our doctrine, incorporate terminal and enabling learning objectives, and structure it into progressive training exercises that constantly build and challenge the operator. We introduce, then develop, and finally refine techniques with the use of high repetitions and careful observation. The combination of doctrine, structure, repetitions, and standards all create a solid package regardless of subject matter being taught.

The strength in our training programs comes from synthesizing the best practices from a variety of disciplines. Every student has different assets and liabilities; every situation has different advantages and disadvantages. Our training goal is to develop a dominating mindset buttressed by superior tactical skills, student confidence, and timely application. We never want our students playing catch-up with that of the opponent(s), so tactics, techniques, and procedures are ingrained to support of this dominating mindset. Multiple skills sets drilled into students will prepare them for constant vigilance, immediate assessment of changing conditions, and instant appropriate response.

Signature Operations training combines the best of our firm's assets - staff with tactical, operational, and instructor experience and facilities that are designed and selected specifically to support both classroom instruction and field training. Whether your requirements involve response or engagement, we can assemble a program of instruction perfectly suited to meet your training needs. Our courses involve practical, hands-on training supplemented by adult educational principles. Signature Operations has the capacity to offer its training programs at various levels of confidentiality and attribution. Our goal is to ensure that your training experience is unparalleled, your staff is exceptionally prepared, and your operational confidence is elevated and sustained at the highest level.

Our current training consists of five basic courses of instruction (listed below) with multiple modules that can be combined based on your mission-specific criteria; however, we frequently develop, design, and deliver other customized programs of instruction.  
  • Expeditionary tactical skills
  • Risk mitigation and threat avoidance
  • Defensive tactics
  • Criminal justice policies, practices, and procedures
  • Site and installation security
  • Our Staff
    Signature Operations is led by and staffed with skilled, experienced, and dedicated military and paramilitary-trained commanders, operators, and instructors. We supplement our staff with the extensive use of existing teaming agreements for additional subject matter experts and instructors. This combination yields a robust training team with experience ranging from local to federal law enforcement, military and Special Forces, and the Intelligence Community. In addition to the practical experience, we screen our instructors teaching/training backgrounds to assure quality, appropriate certifications, licenses, and security requirements are met. 

    Specialized Equipment/Facilities
    Signature Operations training facilities are located in and around the Central Texas area. Our classroom and laboratory facilities are co-located at our headquarters in Austin, TX. Our expeditionary training is conducted within a short commute of headquarters at our firing range and driving range. All expeditionary facilities have restrooms and shelter for inclement weather. We have access to additional training sites to accommodate simultaneous training or special training requirements both in the Central Texas area and the Washington, D.C. area. We also provide training at client-specified locations.
    Our equipment includes vehicles (SUVs and sedans), weapons and ammunition, simunitions, Weapons Laboratory, personal protective equipment, communications, and audio/visual equipment. We arrange for billeting, provide transportation to training sessions, and maintain emergency medical personnel on-site throughout our training, as required. Our training facilities offer the convenience and adaptability to meet the most challenging of client demands.

    Our Training
    Signature Operations is committed to our military, law enforcement personnel, corporations, and allies in need of:

    • Tactical Field Skills
    o Weapons expertise/qualification
    o Dual weapons use
    o High-risk driving
    o Defensive driving (off-road)
    o Convoy operations
    o Driving under attack
    o Combat life saving/medical skills
    o Force protection
    o IED familiarization
    o Navigation

    • Risk Assessment, Reduction, Prevention

      o Site surveillance and installation security
      o Analysis/assessment
      o Planning
      o Preparation
      o Response
      o Consequence management
      o Reconnaissance
      o Surveillance detection
      o Counter-surveillance

    • Personal Security/Protection 
    o Situational awareness
    o Defensive tactics
    • Police Tactics, Techniques, Practices, and Procedures
    o Investigative techniques
    o Management/leadership
    o Active shooter
    o Organized crime investigation/interdiction
    o Forensics
    o Intelligence-led policing
    o Criminal Justice system
    Current and Past Experience Customer Listing
    Signature Operations supports a client base across the United States from our headquarters in Austin, TX, and operations in San Antonio, TX and Washington, D.C. Our clients include U.S. Government officials and non-governmental organizations, active duty and reserve members of the U.S. military, members of the National Guard, security practitioners, corporate executives, and law enforcement personnel.