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CBRNE Technical Training
Our Approach
Our approach to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) technical training brings together expertise in the science of CBRNE threats, non-traditional means of acquiring and producing CBRNE materials, and the sampling/analysis of these materials. Training with current threat information and realistic scenarios adds value to organizations responding to global events. Adequately trained individuals can cross barriers to understanding terminology and threat assessments with a well-rounded background in the science behind CBRNE threats.

The content of our training programs is tailored to fit the needs and/or the mission of the organizations requiring it. Terminology/concept familiarization, sample acquisition processing, and rogue lab identification/exploitation are focal points of our CBRNE training modules; however, we recognize that the amount of training time required in each of these areas differs between clients. We meet and discuss ways to employ the best training plan with each of our clients to ensure that the students are prepared for their possible deployment to various scenarios. Since we can conduct our training programs virtually anywhere, we are flexible when it comes to negotiating the length and budget for each our individual training programs.

In addition to classroom and lab instruction, we can assemble field training exercises that challenge training participants to utilize the skills and knowledge gained through the lecture and practicals to exploit a rogue-scale chemical, biological, or explosives site. These training sites can be assembled anywhere in the country and give the students experience with a realistic scenario without the risk of encountering real agents. The field training exercises can be scaled to fit a variety of locations and budgets.

To ensure the training has met the needs of the client and the students, we employ an evaluation model that includes a combination of student, client, and contractor feedback. We meet with our clients to discuss future modifications and elements that would improve the overall training program.

Our Staff
We have a several subject matter experts in the fields of CBRNE that provide valuable input into the development and execution of the training programs. Each training subject is taught by an expert in that field with a genuine interest in presenting the most current and valuable information about that topic.

Specialized Equipment/Facilities

We maintain a lab and lecture room dedicated to CBRNE training at our headquarters in Austin, TX. This lab/lecture room can be used for general CBRNE training as well as specialized instrument training. Additionally, we maintain an inventory of equipment that can be shipped to a client-specified location to accommodate training at various locations.

Current and Past Experience Customer Listing

Signature Science has recent and ongoing experience conducting technical training programs for the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Justice (DoJ), national security entities, public safety organizations, and related agencies.