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Campus Safety Training

Training Services
Picture1_2.pngSignature Science has trained Texas educators and law enforcement officials, providing comprehensive, directly applicable information on crisis prevention, recognition, response, and recovery to a broad range of personnel involved with educating Texas youth.

Signature Science hosts a workshop that provides attendees with an overview of traditional elements of school safety planning and first responder procedures, as well as current information on upcoming crises and threats, and recommended response plans and procedures. These include anti-terrorism and violent crime preparedness and mitigation. Also addressed in the workshop are instructions regarding violent youth and gang members and anti-bullying campaigns.

Every workshop is taught by at least three subject matter experts: one in school safety, one in antiterrorism, and one in tactical response. Each training subject is taught by an expert in that field knowledgeable in the most current, valuable information about that topic.

Operational Assessments
Signature Science conducts comprehensive reviews of campus police department operations. These reviews address the department’s specific mission focus, its prioritizations of activities, organizational structure, policies, practices, roles/responsibilities, productivity, staffing levels, and accountability mechanisms. The objectives of these studies are to assist the departmental management in gauging performance against best practices, the gaining an understanding of the perception of performance by key stakeholders in community, identification of operational gaps, and offering of recommendations for improvement. 

To conduct these assessments, Signature Science utilizes a core team of professionals with expertise in the areas of law enforcement, management, school environments, organizational design, and police operations.

Current and Past Experience Customer Listing
Signature Science has delivered more than 50 workshops throughout the state of Texas to more than 2,500 school administrators, educators, and other school officials tasked with maintaining campus safety.